Physical Rehabilitation Center Broussard, LA

Starting your recovery in physical therapy after an injury or surgery can seem daunting. Where should you start? How should you train your body and mind? Thankfullly, with the right support and guidance, you can make significant strides. The physical rehab center near Broussard, LA, serves as a pillar of support, offering tailored inpatient programs that aim to help patients regain autonomy and enhance their overall wellness. Our health care professionals pay close attention to the distinct requirements of each individual, crafting personalized care plans that combine various therapies to improve the rehabilitation outcomes for our patients.

Physical Rehabilitation Center Broussard, LA


Therapies We Specialize In

Acadiana Rehabilitation in Broussard, LA, employs a multi-disciplinary approach, including clinical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative interventions, focusing on physical, speech, and occupational therapies to help patients live independently.

Physical Therapy Broussard, LA

Physical Therapy

Our expert physical therapy services are dedicated to restoring mobility and balance, helping patients build back their energy and strength. This is a vital component of our approach, addressing the physical hurdles that come with medical setbacks or chronic health issues.

Occupational therapy Broussard, LA

Occupational Therapy

Suffering from an injury or illness doesn't have to halt your professional life; maintaining independence is the essence of occupational therapy. Our therapists assist individuals in mastering everyday skills, helping them adjust to new realities and reclaim their independence.

Our inpatient physical rehab center near Broussard, LA, employs a variety of therapeutic techniques to address the complex recovery needs of our clients. We focus on everything from motor skills to cognitive functions, adopting a comprehensive strategy to improve all facets of a patient's health.

Speech Therapy New Iberia, LA

Speech Therapy

Connecting with others is foundational to feeling a sense of belonging, and speech is one of the most fundamental ways humans communicate. In New Iberia’s physical rehabilitation hospital, our language rehabilitation services aim to assist patients in overcoming challenges related to both formal speech and casual talking, ensuring they can communicate effectively with their surroundings.

Stroke Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation: A Focused Environment

Inpatient stroke therapy takes place in a controlled setting with medical specialists, often yielding faster and more impactful improvements in quality of life compared to outpatient or home-based options. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge tools and a compassionate staff specializing in stroke rehabilitation, dedicated to assisting patients across all recovery phases. A hospital setting provides the intensive care that is crucial for effective recovery.

Compassionate Care

Community and Support

Our physical rehab center promotes a community-oriented approach, creating a nurturing environment where patients and their families are encouraged to actively participate in the rehabilitation journey. We integrate enjoyable, scientifically-supported activities with the expertise of our medical team and the ingenuity of our support staff. This cooperative endeavor, coupled with our detailed attention to care, paves the way for recovery and a return to daily life.

Choosing a top-rated rehabilitation center is essential for achieving the best healing results. Our inpatient physical therapy facility near Broussard, LA, is renowned for its commitment to exceptional patient care and successful outcomes.

Community and Support

Your Path to Recovery Starts Here

Following an injury or illness that leaves you incapacitated, it may feel like your world has become smaller due to physical constraints. Remember, you are not alone in this battle. Our inpatient rehab services near you are prepared to help you regain control over your life, supported by seasoned medical experts using the most advanced rehabilitation techniques. Contact Acadiana Rehabilitation Hospital today via phone or email to discover more about our inpatient physical rehab services and start your journey towards a hopeful future.

Hear From Our Patients


I was so welcomed here, and I immediately felt like I was part of a family. My experience was perfect, it couldn’t have been better. Long live Acadiana Rehab, it helped me more than I can say!
“I never thought I would be able to walk again. With the help of the wonderful therapists here and the entire staff, who are amazing, I am where I am today. It’s an amazing place, I feel like family here. I am truly thankful for everybody here who has helped me and been so nice and generous.”
“I was referred here by a nurse; he highly recommended the place because his grandfather came here. I came here when I couldn’t walk, and now I can actually stand up, I walk, I’m talking. I’m really, really happy here.”
“I stayed there after my heart surgery–they did a great job for me.”
Clemens Welcher
“I can’t thank you guys enough for what you did for me for the 3 weeks I was there!”
Michael Ferney