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Surgery Can be Scary – But Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation Can Calm Your Fear

Calming Your Fear of Surgery

If you’re facing surgery, you’re also facing so many unknowns. Can you return back to normal? Can you go back to work? How long until you’re healed? What does aftercare look like for your surgery?

Many people are quick to try to get back to old routines and back to “normal” but the truth is you probably will need some rehabilitation to regain strength and heal your body more efficiently!

At Iberia Rehab Hospital and Acadiana Rehabilitation, our physical therapists, physicians, and other specialists can help with your pre and post surgery rehabilitation. You’ll learn the best way to care for your surgical site and how best to bathe, walk, get dressed, etc. You’ll get exercises to make your muscles stronger and improve your mobility.

Do I need Rehab?

It can speed up your recovery whether you’ve had a joint replacement, heart surgery, or any invasive procedure! Most hospitals begin rehabilitation while you’re still admitted. A therapist will help you move around and most likely give you exercises for when you go home!

Depending on the surgery you have, you may need to stay in a rehab center for more intense rehabilitation or you may visit an outpatient center and have regular appointments. At Iberia Rehab and Acadiana Rehab, we offer both options!

How Will Rehab Help Me?

It will take time and effort but your key goals for post surgery rehab are:

  • To improve your movements, and range of motion where you had the surgery
  • To strengthen your muscles
  • To reduce pain, discomfort
  • To help you walk again (if necessary)
  • To teach you how to do daily activities such as climb chairs, get up from bed, get dressed, bathe, etc.

Our rehabilitation and therapy programs are designed to meet the needs of our patients at various stages of recovery with the desired outcome from rehab to home! Call us if you or a loved one will be needing post surgery rehab and follow us on Facebook @iberiarehab and @acadianarehab for tips and info on staying healthy!